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favorite musicals: 2/?matilda

"just because i find myself in this story, it doesn’t mean that everything is written for me. if i think the ending is fixed already i might as well be saying that it’s ok, and that’s not right!"

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Plagiarism is Legal, Miss

So a student asked me about copyright today. He asked what the 10% rule was - he was really asking if it was okay that he plagiarises his entire assignment as long as he only takes 10% of the original document…..

I had to explain to him that 10% use rule is more to do with education and using documents in public forums…the classroom is not a public forum and as a teacher I can use 10% for educational purposes but he cannot because he is not the educator; he is the one being educated.

Ahhh it was a long argument….I won. (I hope, otherwise I’ll be spending ages checking for plagiarism in his assignment)